Air Transport

Given its particular nature, companies doing business in the air transport sector require highly specialised advice. The firm has a distinguished Air Transport Department that has gained extensive experience in the offer of legal advice to companies working principally in the air and maritime industries. Among other issues, we offer advice on:

  • Financing structures, including operational leasing arrangements.
  • The transfer of ownership, mortgages and other guarantee rights over aircraft, ships, engines and replacement parts.
  • Public registration.
  • Contracting both in Spain and internationally, including building contracts, handling, leasing, chartering, etc.
  • The recovery of leased aircraft and vessels.
  • Permits and licences to operate into and out of Spanish airports and marine ports, including environmental issues.
  • Legal and arbitration proceedings.

We also advise all the different parties involved, such as cargo and/or passenger handlers, builders and manufacturers, leasing companies, banks and airport authorities.