The Employment Law Department has an established team of specialist lawyers who can offer strategic and comprehensive advice to businesses, providing them with tailor-made solutions that suit the needs of each client in matters relating to:

  • ongoing advice for HR Departments and Company Management;
  • the notification of legislative changes, recommendations and observations regarding innovative judgements;
  • contracting, payment and incentives;
  • collective negotiation, collective bargaining agreements, company agreements;
  • relations and negotiations with trades unions and works committees;
  • staff lay-off procedures (“EREs”);
  • dismissals and penalties;
  • IT system user manuals;
  • internal regulations manuals; and
  • ethical behaviour manuals.

The Employment Department specialises in the area of senior management relations and the specific issues relating to senior management contracts, such as the signing by managers of confidentiality and non-compete undertakings. It also provides legal representation in court actions and other employment-related proceedings.



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