The firm’s Tax Department is highly specialised and has extensive experience in the provision of technical, strategic and innovative advice for businesses in all areas of tax law.

Company tax. Proactive and high added value advice on the structuring and optimisation of tax across the entire range of corporate activities, such as investment and disinvestment in other companies and businesses, mergers and demergers, the entry and exit of partners, entry into new business sectors and projects, etc.

Tax on family businesses. With the aim of taking advantage of the tax benefits afforded to this kind of business, we offer our clients access to our wide-ranging experience of how to comply with the necessary legal requirements, together with structuring and transfer plans.

Environmental tax issues. Advice in this area focuses particularly on taxes relating to hydrocarbons, renewable energies, the emissions trading system (ETS), water and waste. This includes advice on corporate tax matters for companies working in this specific business sector.

General tax issues. Our advice covers both direct and indirect taxes, as well as personal income tax.

International assistance Advice on international tax planning for Spanish companies seeking to expand abroad and for foreign companies requiring information on the alternative ways in which they can invest in Spain. We also provide tax advice for expatriates.

Clients are increasingly choosing us to handle specific legal issues and to provide a second opinion in particularly complex and important matters.



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