Payment of VAT on imports

The term allocated for requesting the application of the regime relating to the deferral of VAT on imports for the 2017 financial year will end on 30 November.

Taxpayers wishing to be included under this regime must register using official form 036. Application of the regime will be extended for the following years unless it is waived or excluded.

This deferral regime (approved by Spanish Act 28/2014) represents an advantage for importers insofar as it allows the VAT on imports to be deferred until the time at which the periodic self-assessment (form 303) is completed, instead of paying it directly at Customs, thus avoiding the financial effects of making this payment.

We would remind yo that the requirements for eligibility for the deferral system are as follows:

  1. You must be abusiness or professional worker acting in this capacity.
  1. You must make monthly tax returns (large companies or operators included in the REDEME).
  1. You must apply using the official application (form 036) between 1 and 30 November of the year prior to the one in which the regime begins, or in the case of new companies, at the time at which the company is registered.