The firm

Our values

In a competitive global environment, the ability to offer both excellence and a personalised and direct service is something that few legal firms can claim. Since the firm’s beginnings, Ventura Garcés & López-Ibor has adhered to corporate values and a working philosophy that have differentiated it from the big legal firms and allowed it to establish long-term relationships with its clients, based on the following values:

  • An undertaking to bring peace of mind to each and every one of its clients.
  • The personalisation of the services it provides, in order to provide practical solutions that are tailored to the needs of each client.
  • Approachability, with the involvement of the firm’s partners in each matter in order to facilitate access to all our services.
  • Trust in the lawyers working for Ventura Garcés & López-Ibor, based on a knowledge of our clients and their corporate history.
  • The efficacy and speed required in today’s business environment.
  • A proactive approach, looking ahead and resolving unexpected incidents, turning them into opportunities while minimising risk.
  • Empathy with each of the firm’s clients, listening to their concerns and adapting responses to their individual needs.
  • A professional guarantee of excellence in the provision of the firm’s services.
  • Honesty, based on the Deontological Code and Professional Ethics.