"Cryptocurrencies and Regulation Forum 2018" conference organized by Legalink held in Mexico City

"Cryptocurrencies and Regulation Forum 2018" conference organized by Legalink held in Mexico City


Legalink Mexico conference, to be held in November 7-10 in Mexico City, will be inaugurated with a forum dedicated to the discussion of “Cryptocurrencies and Regulation”.

The forum, an open public event hosted by Ramos Ripoll & Schuster and Legalink, will be attended by 33 members of Legalink, from 19 countries.

“As an increasing number of people get involved with cryptocurrencies in some way, regulators have taken a keen eye on the industry. But it’s not just bitcoin they are looking at. The crypto-space has continued to develop exponentially, and with it different use cases have been found for this technology, that disrupt the way that we used to do things.

The developments have brought a varied response from regulators across the world in several different areas. Each authority has looked at various parts of the crypto-world from mining to trading to initial coin offerings, and assessed how they should be regulated.” (in, https://www.cnbc.com)

The forum will focus on the following topics:

  • Cryptocurrency regulation around the world: How are countries addressing the topic

  • Are cryptocurrencies securities?

  • Structuring Initial Coin Offerings: A Lawyer’s Perspective

  • Litigation experiences in the unregulated crypto space


    The four-panel session’s will be led by Legalink members who are experts in this field, such as Alfonso López-Ibor, from Spain; Jean Farrugia, from Malta; Maria Grazia Colombo, from Italy; Georg van Daal, from the Netherlands; Keishi Yoshikawa, from Japan; Robert Long and Christopher Trowbridge ,from Dallas, USA; Don Malecki, from Pittsburgh, USA; Jorge Mestre, from Miami, USA; David Zou, from China; and Diego Ramos Castillo, from Mexico. José Loyola-Trujillo, General Director of International Affairs and Vice President of Regulatory Policy National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV) will share his views on the panel “Are cryptocurrencies securities?”.

    “Legalink Fin-Tech Forum has been since 2016 following the rapid developments in the Fin-Tech environment and is delighted at the opportunity to share the experiences and ideas of its members in the forthcoming Conference to be held in Mexico City. Following a successful publication related to ICO’s, the Forum is constantly seeking to address the new challenges posed by these phenomena either at regulatory, transactional, compliance and litigation levels”.

    Paulo Câmara, Managing Partner of Sérvulo & Associados, Portugal

    Legalink Fintech Forum Leader


    “Despite the different opinions, regulation is necessary to pave the way for the mass adoption of this technology. However, regulators need to understand what cryptoassets are and how this space works. Excessive or inadequate regulation can be harmful, as well as the absolute absence of it. Countries need to understand that this is global phenomenon that will disrupt a lot of industries and the way that we interact with each other. Based on that, essential but adaptable rules must be established to protect everybody involved.”

    Diego Ramos, Partner of Ramos, Ripoll & Schuster, Mexico


    Event details:

    Date: 7 of November, 2018

    Location: Hyatt Regency

    Campos Elíseos 204, Polanco, Polanco IV Secc, 11560 Ciudad de México, CDMX,Mexico

    Phone: +52 55 5083 1234

    Host Contact: Sofía Fierro López (mfierro@rrs.com.mx



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